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If you are looking for a way to Root Android using Magisk, here is a complete guide on how to download Magisk and Magisk Manager apk and install. Scroll down to know more!

What is Magisk?

Magisk is the most reliable, trustworthy, and amazing rooting app which has been developed by Topjohnwu. It is an Android rooting app that lets you root your Android device easily.

With Magisk, you get systemless rooting on Android. It does not change the partition settings or add any files to the system partition. It simply patches boot.img file of Android device. This proves to be very helpful for users.

Magisk can thus hide root from various apps and Google Safety Checks. This let’s Magisk users to use Financial, Banking, and other security-driven apps like Netflix. 

Therefore, basically Magisk offers Rooted experience on Android without any flaws of rooting. So if you want to root  Android using Magisk, here is a complete guide on the same.

Note – Most importantly, Make sure to Take a complete backup of your device data before you perform any of the below guides. Or else you might loose all your data.

Download Magisk Flashable Zip

File NameMagisk Zip
Size5.67 MB
Downloads10 Million +
Supports Android 4.2+
Last UpdatedMarch 23, 2020

What is Magisk Zip?

Magisk Flashable Zip file is the main Magisk structure that roots the Android device. This framework of Magisk is present in the form of a zip file. Users will have to flash this zip file using an Android Custom recovery like TWRP or OrangeFox. Given below is a guide on how you can easily install Magisk Zip on android.

How to Install Magisk Zip Using TWRP Recovery

Magisk Zip file can be installed on your Android so as to root it using the below short guide –

  • Download Magisk Zip file from above.
  • Boot Android device into TWRP Recovery Mode. 
  • Install-Magisk-zip-Using-TWRP recovery
  • In TWRP Main Menu, tap on Install.
  • Select Magisk Zip file.
  • Select-Magisk-zip
  • On the next screen, Swipe to Confirm Flash. 
  • slide-to-flash-Magisk-zip Installing-Magisk-zip
  • Now, Just tap on Reboot System to complete the process.
  • Tap-on-reboot

That is it. You have successfully installed Magisk Framework on android device. You have now rooted your Android device.

Download Magisk Manager Apk

File NameMagisk Manager Apk
Size2.04 MB
Downloads10 Million+
SupportsAndroid 4.2+
Last UpdatedJan 9, 2020


What is Magisk Manager Apk?

Magisk Manager Apk is an android app that helps you control Magisk framework and root on Android phones. With Magisk Manager, you can install Various Magisk Modules that can help you add more features to your Android device.

Magisk Manager was earlier available on Google Play Store but was later on removed due to Strict Google policies. However, you can still download and install Magisk Manager Apk using the below simple guide –

How to Install Magisk Manager Apk on Android

In order to Install Magisk Manager apk, perform the below steps on your Android –

  • Make sure you have first installed Magisk Zip using the above guide.
  • Firstly, go to Settings> Security> Installation from Unknown Sources> Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. 
  • Enable-Unknown-Sources
  • Enable-unknown-sources
  • Download Magisk Manager Apk file. 
  • Now go to the file on your Android device where you copied Magisk Manager apk.
  • Install-magisk-manager-apk
  • Simply tap on it and click on install.
  • Installing-magisk-manager-apk

Wait until the installation is completed. Soon Magisk Manager will be installed on your Android.


Magisk Features

Magisk is mostly famous for the amazing features it offers. Here’s a sneak peek into the best Magisk Features –

Magisk hide


Magisk Hide feature conceals the root on your Android from various apps. This you can easily use Banking, Monetary, Gaming apps like Pokemon Go, Google pay, and so on your Rooted android phone.

Free to use

Magisk is a totally free app. You do not have to pay anything to use this app. Anyone anywhere can use this app to root their Android phone.

Open Source

Magisk is free to use as well as Open source. Anyone anywhere in the world can use Magisk for free.

Magisk Mount


Magisk Mount offers systemless rooting of Magisk. It does not make any changes to the system partition. This keeps the system intact.



MagiskSU feature from Magisk is one of the best features. It lets Magisk be a simple root solution. It aids in getting Magisk the SuperSU standards and developer vibes.

Modules Repository 

Modules Repository

Magisk works on Modules. There are numerous modules in Magisk Modules Repository that let you customize various features on Android.

Magisk is by far the best Android rooting app. Here are a few key features that stand out as its pros –

  • Magisk performs systemless rooting.
  • Magisk zip doesn’t change the system partition or add any additional files to it.
  • You can use the Magisk Hide feature to give root from various Banking, Google apps.
  • Both Magisk zip and Magisk Manager are Open-source apps and free to use.
  • You can easily bypass the safety net using Magisk rooted android device.
  • You can use apps like Netflix, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, Google pay, etc. On your rooted device.
Just like any other system, Magisk too has its own flaws.

  • You cannot place Magisk in adaptable storage or Superuser won’t work.
  • Work is in progress for Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices.
  • It doesn’t work on Android Preview O as of now.
  • Magisk does not support Multi-user as of now.

What is Magisk Hide feature?

Magisk Hide is a Magisk feature that helps you conceal the root of your Android Device. It is difficult to pass the SafetyNet on specific apps like Google apps, Netflix, Baking apps, etc.

So by enabling Magisk hide feature for these apps like Netflix, Snapchat, Google apps, Etc. You will hide root of your device from such apps. This will let you use these apps even on a rooted device.

So if you have rooted your android device using Magisk, here is a short guide on how to enable Magisk hide –

How to enable Magisk Hide in Magisk Manager?

  • Open Magisk Manager App.
  • How-to-enable-Magisk-Hide-in-Magisk-Manager
  • Go to the Left top Corner Menu, present as three horizontal lines.
  • How-to-enable-magisk-hide
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Go-to-setting-in-magisk-manager-app
  • Go to Magisk Hide option by scrolling down.
  • Find-Magisk-hide-option
  • Enable Magisk Hide toggle.
  • enable-magisk-hide-toggle
  • Now go back and you will see the Magisk Hide option in the menu on top.
  • Magisk-hide
  • Tap on it.
  • Here you will see a list of apps on the device.
  • Hide-app-from-magisk-root
  • select the app from which you want to hide root.
  • select-app-that-you-want to-hide-from-magisk-root

Once you select the apps from which you want to hide root, you are good to use those apps without any worries.

Magisk Modules Repository

Magisk modules help you add more features and functionality on rooted Android. You can use various Magisk Modules as below –

Magisk ModuleDownload
Google Framework
Dolby Atmos
Pixel 2 Experience
Google DNS
iOS Emoji
OnePlus Slate Font
EmojiOne Emojis
Hide Navigation Bar

How to install Magisk Module Zip file using Magisk Manager?

Just like above, you can download numerous Magisk Modules for various functionalities on the Android device. Then you can install these Magisk Module Zip files using below guide –

  • Download Magisk Module Zip that you want to flash on your Android.
  • Go to Magisk Manager apk. 
  • Go to the Menu present as three horizontal lines on the top left corner.
  • Tap on Modules.
  • Click on the Yellow “+” button.
  • Now you will have to browse and choose the downloaded Magisk Module Zip file.
  • Once you have chosen, tap on install.
  • Soon the file will be flashed in Magisk Manager.
  • Reboot your device once its done.

That’s it. When you restart your device, you will see the MAGISK Module functionality. This way you can download and install as many Magisk Modules as you want on your rooted Android device.

Magisk vs SuperSU

Magisk vs SuperSU

Both Magisk and SuperSU are very popular rooting apps for Android. SuperSU has been in the field much before Magisk and hence more reliable and known out there. However, when it comes to features, Magisk gives better performance.

SuperSU roots your Android device by altering the system partition. This would result in failure to bypass the SafetyNet of various apps and thus users could not use Banking apps, some games, and other apps like Netflix on their rooted device.

However, this drawback of SuperSU is not seen in Magisk.

Magisk roots Android simply by patching boot.img file. It does not add files to the system partition or alter it in any way. Thus Magisk helps you bypass SafetyNet on apps like Netflix, Google apps, Pokemon Go, etc. This lets you use Banking, Monetary, Games, etc. Apps on your rooted device.

Magisk Vs Kingroot

Magisk vs KingRoot apk

Both Magisk, as well as Kingroot, are amazing Rooting apps for Android that offer quick rooting. But there’s a huge difference between the two when it comes to posting rooting experience.

Kingroot helps users root their Android within a single click. However, once the device is rooted, there still are some restrictions on Android as Kingroot manages the system by default. Since the whole purpose of rooting is to gain admin-level control on Android, Kingroot lacks customization features as compared to Magisk.

Magisk roots Android simply by patching boot.img file. It does not add files to the system partition or alter it in any way. Thus Magisk helps you bypass SafetyNet on apps like Netflix, Google apps, Pokemon Go, etc.

This lets you use Banking, Monetary, Games, etc. Apps on your rooted device. Magisk Manager helps you Manage the root on Android. It makes everything easier and seamless.


FAQ Related to Magisk

Is Magisk Free?

Yes. Magisk zip and Magisk Manager are totally free to use. You can download it from above and use these two Apks for free of cost.

What does Magisk Manager do?

Magisk roots Android devices and lets users customize it as per their wants. Magisk Performs systemless rooting and thus hides your root from various Banking apps.

Therefore you can use rooted Android with common as well as advanced features. Magisk Manager controls and manages the Magisk Framework. With it you can install Magisk Modules.

What is Magisk Hide?

Magisk Hide is one of the most peculiar features of Magisk that hides your root from SafetyNet and apps like Netflix, Pokemon go, etc. This lets you use such apps even on a rooted device.

What is Systemless Magisk root?

Systemless Magisk root means systemless rooting of Android without changing the system partition. Magisk roots only by patching boot.img file of the Android.

Does rooting void guarantee of my Android?

Unfortunately yes. Rooting causes an Android device to lose the warranty. So think before you root your device. However, it is also possible to relock the Bootloader and unroot Android to get back the warranty on that device.

Can I use the banking app on Magisk Rooted phone?

Yes. You can easily use banking and other financial apps on a device rooted using Magisk. Since Magisk Hide feature from Magisk hides the root of your device you can easily use Banking apps on the Magisk Rooted device.

Should I root my phone?

Rooting your device is completely your choice. Rooting for sure has numerous benefits that normal Android fails to give but rooting also voids the warranty of your device. So it’s totally your decision to make.

Is Magisk better than SuperSU?

In my opinion, Magisk definitely is better than SuperSU. Magisk offers systemless rooting and also has some great features like Magisk hide which helps you hide the root of your Android from certain apps like Banking or Financial apps, Games like Pokemon Go, and so on.

Is Magisk Safe?

Magisk is absolutely safe to use. There are no cases or reports of any malware or virus attacks. So don’t worry about any such cases and go ahead.

I hope that the article above was helpful. And I assume you have downloaded Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip Apk.

In case you have any doubts or are stuck at any of the above steps, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

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